With its amazing machine learning technology, the app is in the lead of the mobile app race. And now that it is a known fact that the Snapchat concept is working, everyone wants to repeat its success story. How to develop an application similar to Snapchat and how much money you’ll have to spend on it, you can find out from this article. A story is an image or video you can broadcast to all your followers. These stories are available for only 24 hours and after that, they disappear. The feature became so popular that now the story feature is almost on every social media platform.

This feature collects stories from editorial teams such as Mashable, CNN, Cosmo, People, and many others. When a user sends a message, it’s uploaded to the Snapchat server. So, you have developed your real estate app, but not getting the initial traction you need. Or maybe you are looking for a real estate app development… It is important to know that the development of each feature requires a varying amount of time, and the cost varies proportionately. Bitmoji stickers are the most commonly used stickers by Snapchat users as they are cartoon versions of the user.

Creating a Snapchat clone shouldn’t put all his eggs in one basket. Continually expand, and do your best to find a new approach to the old issue. Wanna create an app similar to Snapchat, try to find your niche, we mean – define a unique Target Audience. Any successful project has its own hallmarks, Snapchat included. And these hallmarks helped the service capture all users’ hearts and surpass Facebook and its Poke program. By February 2013, the messenger had been processing 60 million messages daily.

A Business Model Canvas for a Snapchat-like mobile app

Founded in 2011, we’ve been providing full-cycle mobile and web development services to clients from various industries. The designers would check the screen prototype to create the design of your app. The main idea behind this phase is to determine the non-functional and functional needs from the future perspective of the project, business requirements, and project goals. This feature resembles the Instagram feature wherein a snap is broadcasted to the followers for twenty-four hours post which it gets deleted automatically. Create an active news feed on your app to keep all your users updated with the latest news.

Once again, from a marketer’s point of view, it is much easier to create content for Facebook and Instagram than Snapchat. Along with that, you can even reuse these content and use them on other social media platforms. But when it comes to Snapchat, the format is so unique, that you will have to create separate content for the app. You must hire a reputed mobile app development company with developers adept to the following technologies.

B. Look Through Snapchat Lenses

Once you’ve hired mobile app developers, you must talk to them about your company’s needs. Communicating what you want and don’t want in your app to the development team is crucial. To create a social networking app, you must be an Entertainment app development company during the most crucial stage of development. Building an app like Snapchat is like creating a vast machine with numerous features, and will take somewhere around 12-months to be ready and deployed. Below you’ll find the features listed along with an aggregated development cost. Known as one of the characteristic features of Snapchat, users rejoice while using these lenses.

  • The famous logo of the instant messenger was drawn by Spiegel himself, and since then the recognizable ghost-resembling symbol has hardly been changed.
  • For example, the number of users, push notifications, storage, and bandwidth required to send and receive messages and media, nandbox guarantees a fully operating application.
  • The content of the message is stored in a temporary area on the device when the user gets the message notification.
  • When Snapchat started to show explosive rates of its growth, large corporations and companies decided to attract such a social outburst for the sake of financial gain.
  • Drag and drop the features like messaging, video/audio calls, and personal profiles into your app.

Our result-driven solutions can help you to create a winsome application. Snapchat has become a leading photo and video app with 238 million daily active users worldwide, https://globalcloudteam.com/ according torecent research by Statista. Inspired by the tremendous success of the Snapchat app, a vast majority of its competitors have tried to copy its features.

The following turns Snapchat into an alternative to any messenger and brings it closer to WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram. It is the feature where users with the Snapchat application can typically discover content posted by Snapchat sponsors. Users can find this in the story section, but it is essential to know it can disappear in 24 hours.

Companies use social media to connect with customers, advertise their products and services to use all the features of available photo messaging app to generate revenue. Snapchat is a social media platform that how much did it cost to make snapchat allows users to share disappearing “snaps,” photos, videos, or drawings, tag location, send messages and add new friends. One particular app that has all the features mentioned earlier is the Snapchat app.


With one of the updated, video and audio calls became available for Snapchat users. The special thing about Snapchat calls is the ability to be on a call and send pictures at the same time. Also, users can now make small videos and audio clips, or as they call them notes. Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy started Snapchat in 2011 when three main giants – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter ruled the online space. They risked a lot launching an app similar to the hottest apps, so they needed to add something that would make their app special.

After all, it is an instant messaging app which means the users should be able to message their friends. This means an app like Snapchat has to allow users to search for friends. This feature may seem pretty standard, but on Snapchat, it is different. There are two additional interesting ways to add friends. Snapchat has a regular chat with text messages that get deleted by default when you close it, as well as voice and video chats.

Cost constitutes the most crucial part of a project life cycle and the factor that determines the entire project. The communication apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Imo, and many more have become an integral part of human life. Discover is a great way to see Stories from different editorial teams. In other words, these are sponsored stories from brands. Recent stickers – These are the stickers users have used most recently.

create app like snapchat

This feature is something similar to stickers and lenses. It offers you to create graphical overlays depending on a certain location or ongoing event. “What about a bunch of other well-known Snapchat’s features? They were devised a little bit later and kept the app popular all this time.

The goal of the 1st stage is to find the solution best fitting your company, your project budget, and expectations. Snapchat’s monetization model – these insights would be useful when we start building our own profit-making strategy. The company employs 1,859 people, 600 of them started their careers in Snap Inc in 2016. Later on, the company would be expanded both through direct hiring and through the purchase of start-ups. According to Spiegel, this was similar to both revenge and mockery. Contrary to the expectations of Facebook analysts, Poke wasn’t popular, and Snapchat continued to grow.

Search for Friends

What’s more, the first sketches can be created using a pen and paper. Google and Facebook wanted to buy Snapchat but their offers were abandoned by the Snapchat developers. Our market analysts and researchers have dedicated their time to help you get the exact cost and complexity estimation. Snapchat takes advantage of the Active Shape Model to catch a user’s face and build facial borders. The user gets a notification about the new snap that is downloaded to a temporary location on the user’s device. Emoji stickers are fascinating stickers that users will find like other standard emojis.

Users can see one story multiple times, jump from one to another in a row, or choose particular friends and check out only their stories. Also, there’s a possibility to see who has viewed the story. If you are planning to create an app like Snapchat, then one thing that may be bothering you is the messenger app development costsisn’t. Well, to know the cost incurred you need to learn about different aspects related to development that directly affect the cost. This blog would help you understand everything about Snapchat like mobile messaging app development.So, let’s begin. No infrastructure is required to create a native mobile app for iOS and Android with nandbox.

create app like snapchat

So, initially, your audience is regular users who would be happy to diversify their communication process with beautiful paid “smiley faces”. First of all, the cost of your app will depend on the mobile development services provided by the team you choose. For instance, if you choose a team from Western Europe or the US, the price per hour will range from $60 to $200. However, the most expensive variant isn’t always the best one. A short time after geofilters were launched, the Snapchat team announced that users are now allowed to purchase sponsored geofilters for snaps. McDonald’s was the first to use the offer and paid for a branded geofilter that covers all it’s restaurants in the United States.

Let’s start a conversation.

The story is a snap or a video that can be viewed by the friends added to your Snapchat account. Have an idea for a free mobile app but doubt whether it’s worth investing? After registering, users can add friends to interact with them. Snapchat allows users to add friends using phone numbers in their contacts list .

Do Snapchat App Makes Money? How?

Get inspired by our article “Best 10 Apps Like Showbox – Top 10 Alternatives of 2022“. The app fixes any imperfections and aligns the filter with the user’s face. If no one opens the message, it’s automatically deleted within 30 days. Everything has become online, from ordering food to online cloth shopping, and has applications for that… Like any other online gaming, NFT games are gaining huge popularity.

A story is a snap that is being published for 24 hours to all of your followers and then disappears. It is a type of computer vision technology that works with any type of visual content adding virtual elements to it. There are a couple of reasons what it could become that popular. We can think of a complete understanding of the needs of the audience and appealing UI/UX design what is always half the success.

Thanks to geofilters, users can share their location and add a touch of personality to their snaps. One of the most unique features of the app was called image processing capabilities, which allowed users to apply Snapchat filters and lenses to their photos and videos. The company partnered with a number of third-party developers who created their own custom lenses for the app. As a result, snapchat is able to offer an ever-growing variety of lenses to its users, giving them even more reasons to use the messenger app on a daily basis.

Ultimately, prototyping is an important step in the development of an app like Snapchat that can help to ensure your app’s success. So Geofilters are patterns that can be added to your snaps if you are in a certain location. This is not just a successful feature but a feature that lets you earn money. For example, a place of business can have its own geofilters, which users can enjoy exploring as they spend time at the store or restaurant.

However, iOS apps tend to have better app performance and a more polished user app experience. If you’re unsure which platform to choose, consider developing your app for both android and iOS. This way, you can ensure that your app will reach the widest possible audience. Similarly to the same Instagram feature, a story is a snap that broadcasted to all followers for 24 hours.

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