If it’s in person or online, running a successful board meeting requires careful planning and focus on detail. It’s crucial to create a setting that fosters healthy debate and ingenuity.

The board chair should chair your board meetings. It is typically the president or manager of the community association. During each piece of business on the agenda, allow each member of the board an opportunity to state their opinion, pose questions and/or express concerns, before taking an opportunity to vote on the outcome of each item. This prevents any confusion down the road about what was discussed, decided upon and then ratified by the boardroom.

It is great post to read important to clearly define the end goal of each item

Make sure to provide a description of the goals each agenda item is supposed to accomplish prior to the meeting. This will prevent confusion or wasting time. It’s useful to check the box on each item to clarify whether the item is intended to inform, to seek information, or to reach a conclusion.

Don’t make a hasty decision

Many boards feel that they need to make decisions fast to please homeowners who are unhappy or avoid dragging out an issue that could go away by itself but it only sets back your board and community. In addition, rushed decisions are usually not well executed and are often lacking the necessary advice from experts.

Make sure you review your meetings at least Once a Year

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