How to use Lego cheat code

If you’re playing a LEGO game then you probably realize that there are hidden secrets that can make your experience more enjoyable. There are a myriad of ways to spice up your game including stud multipliers to fun game mods like Force Ghost Yoda.

While cheat codes have become less frequent in gaming, Lego games are keeping the tradition alive with various codes that unlock different items, giving players a broader range of options to play. The 2022 version of Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga is no exception, and this article will explain the various codes that can be used to unlock characters as well as ships, stud multipliers, and more.

The LEGO Star Wars series cheat codes work differently than other games. They are activated through the menu option that is not immediately sent to players. Instead of opening the Holoprojector or the pause menu to activate cheat codes, players can simply click on the Extras tab and click the option to enter code.

The menu will display an electronic keyboard, on which the player can type in the cheat code. Once the code is entered, the player will receive an alert that the cheat has been successfully added to the game and that the new item or change will be activated after reopening the Extras tab.

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