The restriction of access to electronic documents could be a key aspect of security for your company regardless of whether you handle sensitive business documents and legal documents or personal data. This can help avoid security breaches and ensure compliance with regulations like GDPR and HIPAA.

Custom permissions allow managers to limit the amount of sensitive files that can be printed, copied, and opened. It is also possible to restrict the types of changes that can be made to a document like editing text or altering design. A file can also be restricted to allow administrators to track the user’s activities and identify any unauthorized modifications.

If someone is a participant in a case or if another person is the subject of information found in court documents, they can request that the Court restricts public access. They need to submit an application to the Court. The motion must include a list of the reasons supporting the restriction on access to public records. If the Court grants the restriction, it has to issue an order declaring that the restrictions to be in effect. Any documents or exhibits that are restricted in vdr-soft net access must be marked as such on the electronic cover sheet.

A solid management system can enhance the security of your documents by storing your data securely. This ensures that no document will be opened unless it is authorized, preventing the theft of passwords and usernames and ensuring that only personnel with authorisation can access the sensitive data.

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