Living green is not only a fashion. It’s a way of giving back to Mother Nature, and ensuring that she can continue to provide us with clean air and crystal-clear waters. Therefore, buyers are increasingly seeking eco friendly homes. This means more than just solar panels and EV chargers. It includes properties that are equipped with energy-efficient appliances, smart technology green roofs, solar panels, and other features that aim to reduce the impact of the home on the environment.

Some of these technologies have been around for decades while others are recent innovations that have gained momentum thanks to incentives offered by the government, increased awareness, and homebuyer demand. Homes made of sustainable materials like bamboo flooring and reclaimed wood beams are becoming more well-known. These materials are typically locally sourced to reduce transport emissions. They also contribute to better indoor air quality and more natural atmosphere for residents.

Bioclimatic architecture is another new green technology. This type of house is designed to work in conjunction with the sun, the soil and air in the area it’s located in. It can reduce the energy cost. A green roof, for instance, is designed to absorb heat and insulate the structure by reducing the influx of heat while providing habitat for plants that produce oxygen.

Real estate agents are noting the increasing interest in eco-friendly homes. They can assist homebuyers in limiting their search by locating homes with green features and they can provide advice on energy efficiency, sustainability, and the recycling of materials when negotiating on a price.

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