Board management software can help organizations improve their governance by streamlining meetings, documents and communication. The best solutions are simple to use and deploy, with features that meet the specific requirements of governance. These solutions also offer advanced security features, such as certified physical storage facilities and advanced disaster recovery. These features ensure that confidential meetings and data aren’t at risk of cyberattacks.

Board portal software is often considered to be a tool to help manage directors. However, it can also be used by working groups and committees. Board management software is an excellent method to reduce time, money and resources, regardless of whether you have traditional structures or your governance structure is comprised of foundations, subsidiary boards and committees for events.

The process of choosing the best solution starts by having a clear understanding of your board’s requirements. You can pinpoint and prioritize your problems using a framework like our “needs in relation to the meeting stage”. Are you experiencing issues with editing late on board materials, long lead times in assembling and disseminating documents or mobile accessibility issues? Once you have a clear picture of your requirements, take a look at the market for the right solution.

Make sure you compare apples and apples when evaluating costs, such as the number of users included in the estimate and whether committees can private share materials, and if director training is part of the cost. The best solution will increase your efficiency, productivity and effectiveness, while also delivering long-term value. The key is to look for a service that provides flexible pricing as well as robust feature sets and an enticing return on your investment.

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